Drink it up!

Drink it up!

Tooco x Campari 1

Tooco x Campari 2

Drink it up!

Diente, the Argentinean annual creativity award prize, celebrates the best and most innovative communications produced in the Latin American country and Tooco excelled in the illustration category.

The Campari campaign was aimed at promoting a new spin on the classic Italian drink and has been developed to represent the values of the brand: the spirit of a young drink that mixes Campari with orange juice, bringing a distinctive, new flavour to one of aperitivo favourites.

As the Italians here at Machas can confirm, aperitivo o’clock is the moment when day blends into the night and Tooco perfectly captured in a visual form this moment — as well representing Campari’s ingredients in his distinctive visual language, where organic shapes are seamlessly blended with precise geometries.

When we asked Tooco about the project he just answered “Basically they like my stile and they gave me freedom to create—it was great! This is my first Prize in the Advertising field! SUPER HAPPY!!!”

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