Illustration, Installation

“The largest animals and the tiniest ones. Existent and non existent things. Plants and insects. The sky. Books. Ink. Inanimate objects. Machines and gears, to disassemble and reassemble. To look back and at the sides. Molecules. Numbers. Abstract. Constant travel. Being both here and there at the same time. Planets. Experiments. Chemistry and physics. Infinity.”

Expect to find all this and more in the art of Francisco Miranda, aka Tooco. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tooco’s art is impossible to identify with one place or influence: like an other-wordily vision, it blends together heterogenous inspirations into an ever evolving cycle of organisms, in which the sparkle of life is organized into mathematic precision.

Tooco has explored with his psychedelically organic shapes in different channels, from illustration to animation, to sculpture and venue installation.

His versatility is expressed in the scope of his art, that ranges from fine art to commercial art seamlessly.  In January 2011 he was selected by the Movistar Young Artists contest to exhibit his work in February 2012 at the Borges Cultural Centre of Argentina, as part of the group show “Ritual”, an exhibiton organized by Honeycomb Agency in New York City. In 2013 he won the Pictoplasma Residency at The General Public Gallery in Berlin and was also selected to participate at the first Buenos Aires Biennial of Art in Argentina.

Parallel to his gallery work Tooco has created delicate, complex background images for Window 8, posters for Pespi and a series of post stamps for the New Zealand’s government.

When he’s not traveling the world for work and pleasure, Tooco is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he currently teaches Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires.

Client List

  • Puma
  • Movistar
  • New Zealand Government
  • Gobierno Nacional Argentino
  • Foxy
  • Microsoft
  • MTV
  • Pepsi
  • Ubi Bank
  • Bloomberg Magazine
  • Elby

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