Elena Iv-Skaya


Elena Iv-Skaya is a Russian-born fashion photographer. Her work is an ode to beauty and colour. With her strong artistic vision, she takes us into a dashing world of saturated hues, high contrasts and bold feminine figures. “I am fascinated by beauty,” says Elena. “Beauty is often an unexpected result. You have to look for it, but not too much, otherwise it will slip away. You have to let it come to you like a wild animal that is hard to approach… it’s an endless quest.”

The incredibly rich and well-curated colour palette, combined with her graphic, almost essential compositions, turn her photographs into beautiful painting-like creations. “I would like people who look at my work to be surprised, astonished, to wonder why they like it or why they don’t… Leaving people indifferent is probably worse than anything”, admits Elena.

Client List

  • Qeeboo
  • LUX*
  • Garvin Rajah
  • The Sunday Times
  • Jute Magazine
  • Madora
  • Beauty Success
  • Texier
  • Maison Fabienne Alagama
  • Naturella
  • New African Woman
  • Style magazine
  • Lalique
  • Schön! Magazine
  • L'Officiel Ukraine
  • Africa is Now
  • EDF
  • Scorpio
  • Les Georgettes
  • Altess
  • JC Le Roux
  • Leclerc
  • The Edit magazine

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