La Dansada wine labels by Jonathan Calugi

La Dansada wine labels by Jonathan Calugi

La Dansada wine labels by Jonathan Calugi

Jonathan Calugi’s passion for good wine must be part of his Tuscan DNA, and he was delighted to hear we were contacted by Barcelona-based Studio Dorian to collaborate with Spanish wine La Dansada.

La Dansada is a new wine line created from vines between 40-60 years old, and it takes its name from the typical regional dance of Terra Alta, Catalonia. The creative approach to the design was revolving around the concept of “Bacchanalia”, originally the festival in honour of Bacchus, the Roman god of agriculture, wine and fertility, and, more commonly now, a joyous feast where wine would flow abundantly.

Jonathan’s fluid, abstract style perfectly captured the rapturous and celebrative nature of the gathering with beautiful and elegant simplicity: a thin, sinuous black line punctuated by well-chosen colour-block accents, creates a balanced and exuberant dynamism. “I worked with the idea of movement, fluidity, and dance,” says Jonathan, “and created two figures who chase and complement each other in a dansada”.

The result is two contemporary and striking wine labels that embody perfectly the inspiration behind La Dansada and Jonathan’s oeuvre.

“I love great wine, and I always wanted to work with the wine industry,” confesses Jonathan. “And receiving a brief to create an artwork for a label is the greatest pleasure, as you engage with the aspect of your work that most reflects you. I might add that the most rewarding pleasure of designing a wine label is being able to see the drops of wine staining it while laughing and smiling with the friends you have decided to share a glass and a good time with.”

See more of Jonathan’s work here.


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