Our Road to Tomorrow: Machas for Zegna

Our Road to Tomorrow: Machas for Zegna:
Machas consulted and produced Zegna's rebranding campaign, delivering a captivating visual journey through the brand's 110 years archive and future.

Our Road to Tomorrow: Machas for Zegna

As Zegna Group debuts on the New York Stock Exchange, the Italian luxury brand Zegna embarked on a historic rebranding to celebrate its long-standing heritage and welcome a new era. To mark the momentous milestone, Zegna devised an extensive campaign spanning digital, print, OOH and instore, and Machas consulted the Italian Luxury label to bring their vision to life, producing a captivating visual journey through the brand’s 110 years archive and future.

Machas selected and guided a remarkably talented team comprised, amongst others, of mixed-media artist James Dawe, animation director Massimo Loiacono, and London-based music producer Stefano Ritteri.
The campaign aptly called “Our Road to Tomorrow” features two key visuals and six video chapters that collide Zegna’s archive and new collection images in unexpected ways, thanks to James Dawe’s striking compositions.

Embracing a contemporary yet unique aesthetic, “Our Road to Tomorrow” shows how pioneering founder Ermenegildo Zegna laid the path to creating a cutting-edge company with design innovation, respect for the environment and community at its core. From developing innovative fabrics to devising a reforestation program for the factory’s surrounding mountains, Zegna was a man ahead of his time. One of his achievements, the road 232 he built that connects the factory to the adjoining mountains, became the foundation for the new signifier and re-branding campaign.
The road as also a metaphor for the brand’s vision, the rich heritage, and the essential luxury of the new collection are all elements enhanced by James Dawe’s layered compositions and dynamic animation. As the camera steadily moves forward, the viewer witnesses a seamless journey through the past, present and future of Zegna.

“This project was a chance to revisit collage in its purest form,” says Dawe. “Executing it with modernity to highlight the new logo and the brand’s sustainable ethics, illustrious past and future—and I think that Massimo and the animation team did a fantastic job bringing my keyframes to life.”

Machas also worked with producer Stefano Ritteri to aurally capture where tradition meets innovation, blending classical instrumentation with contemporary sounds and distorted elements.

Client: Zegna (@zegnaofficial)
Art Direction: Zegna and Will Williams at Communion London (@communion_world)
Creative Consultant, Agent and Executive Producer: Rita Comi at Machas (@machas.art)
Head of Animation : Massimo Loiacono (@massimo_loiacono_)
Animators: Giuliano Camarda (@giulianocamarda), Andrea Bax (@andrea_bax), Federico Donati (@federicodonati_thefd), Jennifer Ornago (@j_sloth)
Editor: Francesco Loffredo (@b_t_man)
Music & Sound: Stefano Ritteri (@stefanoritteri)
Stock Imagery: Imagery supplied by Getty Images and Shutterstock