Miguel Camprubí López

Illustration, Character Design, Animation

Miguel is an exciting young illustrator and animator hailing from Spain. After graduating with a degree in design and one in illustration from Madrid’s Universidad Complutense and completing a working experience in product design and motion graphics in Amsterdam, Miguel realised that illustration was his true calling.

“I think no other sector allows me as much freedom as illustration does,” admits Miguel. “It lets me explore and do as many different things as I want”.

At a very young age, Miguel has developed a quite distinctive world populated by startling characters that are essential as though reinterpreted through the delicate lens of innocence and humour. Whether illustrated with few simple black lines or fully dressed in his signature bright and bold colour palette, Miguel’s characters channel a strong, witty personality, resulting in visually enticing snapshots of a cheerful and uplifting world, undoubtedly energised by a smart use of animation.

“When you start animating your own illustrations it makes a big difference”, says Miguel. “As my artworks are quite simple, I think animation add one more dimension, time, that makes them much more complex in terms of storytelling. The two languages work perfectly together, although illustration is the base”.

The fine balance between an essential and distinctive trait and the capability of representing surprising and engaging narratives is what makes Miguel’s work so fresh.
Miguel is currently living in Lisboa, Portugal.

Client List

  • Google
  • San Francisco Museum
  • Apple Japan
  • La Caixa
  • El País
  • Babel
  • El Mundo
  • Oh Deer

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