The Hungry Corpse

The Hungry Corpse

Another news from the guys at Beakus! Gergely Wootsch is working on a short movie for Rankin’s Collabor8te.

The platform, born out of a collaboration with Rankin Films, Dazed TV and The Bureau to promote cross collaborations, will release eight movies in 2012 – and Gergely’s film is the only animation short of the lot.

“The hungry Corpse” was born from a script of writer James Pout. Not familiar with animation he was looking for a suitable director to bring his vision to life:  “I came across Gergely Wootsch’s work through the RCA website and found a film on Gergely’s site that I particularly liked called ‘Ordaemonium’. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but there was an edge to it that resonated”

“We had given Gergely a vague outline of what we were after” James recall, “but essentially had no idea what he would produce. This was important though – being new to animation I was reluctant to give too much direction because it’s not what I do. Also, it was important that Gergely imprint his own vision on the world/ characters. He did. I – we – felt that Gergely really captured the world I was trying to express in the script and, after we made a couple of suggestions, we ‘locked’ a corpse that we are very happy with.”

You can follow the production’s blog of the project here


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