SPIROS HALARIS  for Ellie Goulding & V Magazine

SPIROS HALARIS for Ellie Goulding & V Magazine

Ellie Goulding went through a couple of very busy and incredibly exciting years: from performing at the Royal Wedding to a much coveted relationship with DJ Skrillex, she has managed to conquer the charts of both side of the pond and the heart of the critics. Not bad for a 25 years old whose father is not a Hollywood star. For her new album “Halcyon”, she is coming back with a more refined, mature image whilst keeping her down-to-earth approach, all captured in her first feature for V Magazine. The interview comes with a teaser that shows a close up of the smiling face of the singer and flickering images of her animated portrait, created by our Spiros Halaris. We asked Spiros for his impression on working on this project. 

The V magazine video project was a very unique experience as it was the first time that I had to consider my illustrations in motion. I had the pleasure to work with the director and photographer Philippe Vogelenzang who had filmed and photographed Ellie Goulding earlier. I had some great footage to work from and it was great to collaborate with an artist from a different medium and to experiment on different ideas in order to find the right balance between photography and illustration. It was a very productive and learning process and I am now looking forward to putting more of my work into motion!


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