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Jona Nambia - 2

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Jona Nambia - 4

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Sharing is definitely caring.

There is no denying we all live in an age dominated by social media and sharing, it is no surprise to learn recent studies have revealed the “share” button as one of the most used functions on the internet! Now a natural part of our day to day life, we offer much of ourselves to others; photos, articles, thoughts, experiences and more.

This nature of jovial sharing often only ever seems to occur in the virtual realms of the web. What if we wanted to share, share and share again the most important thing of all: life itself. With an innovative campaign from The World Health Organisation, Namibia we now can.

Honing in on modern day social media use, the charity invited the world to celebrate and share the amazing World Blood Donation Day! Hosting the occasion from it’s Facebook homepage, the page offers an abundance of insightful information alongside the opportunity for each individual to make a difference!

Sharing World Blood Donation Day homepage is encouraged with a little help from illustrator Jonathan Calugi, accompanying the cause with some lovely stylised single line work! Illustrating a diverse variety of people, Jonathan’s image enables each viewer to identify with at least one character portrayed. Be it the dog walker in the park, the cuddling couple or the Mother and her children, the campaign is a reminder all blood donation really does benefit everybody.

With both this thought and Jonathan’s beautiful cursive work in minds eye, the visitor is offered the opportunity to get a little more generous and give for good with a redirection their closest blood donation bank.

Sharing is caring and donating is doing an act so kind, it can save another’s life. C’mon folks, we can Share life. Share blood.


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