Perfectly on point: Jonathan Calugi for Apple

Perfectly on Point: Jonathan Calugi for Apple

The elective relationship between Apple and creative professionals is no hidden secret: it has been long and fruitful and always rigorously monogamous. At WWDC 2017, it’s annual developer’s conference keynote, Apple has strengthened this relationship presenting an even more integrated Apple and iPad Pro functionality that aims at bringing together the best of two worlds: the instinctual gesture of hand drawing with the endless possibilities of the digital support. 

Since iPad Pro’s very first launch, Apple has always collaborated with artists to present the device capabilities and for WWDC 2017 has tapped on Jonathan Calugi’s free-flowing, one-line art amongst other.

After receiving the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, Jonathan was immediately impressed with how responsive and comfortable the devices were, to the point that the Pencil felt “like the real thing”.

Although he is well known for his digital art, Jonathan maintains a constant dialogue with analogue techniques: in fact, he’s done many live drawing performances, not to mention that each project starts with a quick hand sketch. Being able to draw on a digital support, to use desktop-based tools but maintaining a free-hand feel, has dramatically increased Jonathan’s speed of execution.

“I was really impressed by this collaboration”, confesses Jonathan. “I think that working with Apple is an aspiration shared by many working in the creative field, me included! I was particularly pleased to be chosen for my art, and everyone at Apple was really careful in preserving my creative approach and style.” 

See more of Jonathan’s work here.


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