Take a look at Jeff Rogers’ work. It’s too fun, quirky, energetic and diverse to be just the byproduct of an AD’s brief: it must have something to do with its creator. And in fact Jeff, beside being and extremely talented and overall nice guy, has lived a quite interesting life - a life with enough twists and inspiring moments that could make for a great script for HBO’s next hit show. 

Born and bred in Texas, Jeff thought his path was heading towards a career in music. The plan was simple: to become a drummer. He signed up for a major in music when he came to realize that this choice was not as creative as it might have looked at first. 

So he changed the plan and chose to go back to his first love: art. He learnt the basics, both digitally and analogically and, after graduation, he still went on tour with a band for a year but came back and found a design job.

After a couple of years in Dallas, Jeff and his wife moved to New York where he started to work at SpotCo, the agency known for its Broadway posters. 

Music might have been the fil rogue throughout his whole life but working in such an important agency was still a challenge: “That first year I felt like I was about to die every day, but I learned so much”, says Jeff. “I didn’t know what was going on or how to do it. I questioned every decision I made. It was stressful, but I knew I was learning because Gail [Anderson] and the others would steer me in the right direction. Things were much more comfortable after that first year.”

It’s quite clear that  comfortable mustn’t be a state in which Jeff thrives: the desire to set new challenges in order to improve and that was so important during the early years at SpotCo, started to wear off. So the next step was natural: going solo. “Going out on my own was always something I wanted to do even though it terrified me—that made me think I’d better do it.”

Churchill said that an “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won” and Jeff has now worked with clients such as The New York Times, Urban Outfitters, Nike, Google, Ace Hotel and has been featured in the Communication Arts and Type Directors Club typography annuals.

Jeff’s main characteristic is his quite broad range of styles: “I have all these styles with lettering—I paint and do digital as well. I think I am drawn to diversity in my work though my years of being a designer and learning that every problem requires a unique solution. As a designer and art director, you have to adapt to each project and begin with a clean slate. I think I have just grown to love trying new things and expanding my experience with each opportunity. It may confuse clients but it’s what makes me happy and what keeps my work fresh… I hope.”

Music has though Jeff a lot and still is source of inspiration: in the latest US McDonald’s commercial Jeff had to draw his type on a wall under the curious camera lens - it’s not hard to think of this as performance. “Absolutely. Before I left for LA to do the shoot, I was talking to my best friend who is a brilliant musician and song writer. I’ve played in bands with him ever since college. After telling him that I was nervous, he told me to approach it like a show. To just have fun and enjoy the moment. The preparation will take care of the rest. After that, I wasn’t nervous any more. The other side of it is that things that make music good, are the same things that make visual art and design good. Things like rhythm, repetition, color, mood, texture, volume, etc. etc. It’s all the same and why there are so many designers or artists that also play music”

Jeff says that he’s “really excited about joining Machas, having the chance at some new experiences, and working with people who are as serious and passionate about this business as I am”

We at Machas see Jeff as an important addition to the family: like all our artists, he’s gifted with a unique visual signature and blessed with a down-to-earth, humble attitude that will make everyone fall in love with his art. 

Welcome to Machas Jeff!

(thanks to The Great Discontent for some Jeff’s quotes used here - amazing interview!)


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