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Good on the inside, good on the outside!

At Machas it is no secret we love an unlikely collaboration and this may be the most unlikely yet lovely of them all! Jonathan Calugi collaborated with Gibraltar Remedies; an up and coming American brand specialising in natural medicines to create a surprising match made in heaven.

Gibraltar remedies are shaping the landscape of the future of medicine; one cure at a time! Using exclusively natural ingredients from the plant world, the range offers new solutions to regular day to day challenges we face in everyday life. This includes weight problems, forgetfulness and insomnia to name a few.

Such a beautiful ethos called out loud for a product packaging design to match. Everybody’s doodle friend Jonathan Calugi responded to the call with a parade of playful and serene patterns, bringing the characteristics of Gibraltar remedies products to life.

With another collaboration of the two already in the pipelines; at Machas we think it may be official: Jonathan Calugi really can turn his hand to illustrate and transform anything! We met up with Gibraltar remedies founder Sara to hear her take on events…

Hello Sarah! Please can you share with us a little more about your products?
Gibraltar remedies provide solutions for challenges we face in our every day lives. These remedies invite us to enter the divine and mysterious world of plants, which brings us closer to our primary connection to nature. Healing beyond the physical can only occur when we open to nature and its power to transform.

What was it that made you choose Jonathan’s style to represent your vision?
I chose Jonathan’s style because it best represents what I want Gibraltar products to convey; out of the ordinary, highly original, unexpected, playful, deeply intelligent, personable and created with love and joy.

We have spotted an elephant amongst the pattern! Tell us a little more about this…
Jonathan added the elephant without my asking! Funnily enough, a percentage of my profits are going towards helping African elephants so it was perfect. The elephant adds a magic and mystery to the plant theme and it reminds us we are all connected through nature.

We are fan of your remedies, where can we find them?
The products are carried in the United States and soon available online too!


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