Enter The Champions League

Enter The Champions League

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Enter The Champions League

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Enter The Champions League

Football is a serious matter here in Europe and the Champions League is revered as THE most sought after title for a football club to win (if you are American and are reading this, think of it as something like the Superbowl but with 90 minutes of (hopefully) non stop-action and without Beyonce).

The UCL Final will take place in May at the Wembley stadium in London and celebrates the excellence and resilience of the players, the passion of the supporters and the dedication of the everyone involved in getting those 22 men on the pitch, from the athletic preparation team to every single gardener of the stadium.

Adidas has been always instrumental in the progression of the sport and the Champions League Final 2013 ball is setting a new standard in terms of technical development and style.

With this in mind, Leonardoworx was contacted to develop the key image for the campaign.

Using his 3D skills and visionary shapes to represent the technical research achieved by the Adidas football laboratory in Scheinfeld, Germany, the CGI artwork show an augmented reality of the knowledge of the researchers involved and an unmistakable German precision.

The project was developed over the last year’s Christmas period and, unfazed by the tight deadline, Leonardo worked together with Adidas to give shape to exactly what they envisaged.

It was incredibly exciting to work on this project!” Leonardo says with his trademark enthusiastic voice. “We really had to be extremely precise and calculate effectively our production schedule in order to complete the image to meet the deadline - anybody who has work with CGI knows that rending time always has to be factored in, and it’s this sort of man/machine interaction that keep things interesting!

The image can be seen in Adidas Football‘s website and soon in magazines and retails corners near you.


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