COFFEE MUG: Jeff Rogers x Nabob coffee

As all Machas’ Artists, versatility is a key requirement. Yep, we’re not big fan of one trick ponies here and when we first encountered Jeff superb type, that ranged from vector to hand drawn to painted, we immediately fell in love with his work.

And then we saw his live painting on the McDonalds’ ad. Maybe it was all those years studying music and drums that somehow seeped into his art, maybe it was his nice and affable mug but that took type work to a new level. And, well, that sealed it for us.
Now Jeff has been called by Nabob Coffee to perform another live type painting, this time not in a room but in downtown Toronto. We caught up with Jeff for a little behind the scene.

“I did a lot of preliminary sketches and got everything nailed down and approved before getting on the plane. Once I was there it was very low key since I knew exactly what I was going to be putting on the wall. There was a small camera crew there documenting everything and for the most part I was in my own little world with the Cool and the Gang song, Celebration, stuck in my head the whole time - since the first word I drew was CELEBRATION. ha!

My friend Dana Tanamachi, the chalk queen, will be doing a series of television ads for them early next year for the same campaign. She was actually supposed to do this one too but wasn’t available so we agreed that I should go ahead and take it, even though I don’t really do a lot of chalk work. But this was a fun little project and got a nice video out of it too!”


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