Coffee Catwalk: Machas illuminates the creative talent for Lavazza’s latest London Fashion Week camp

The final campaign in Leicester Square, London

Coffee Catwalk: Machas illuminates the creative talent for Lavazza’s latest London Fashion Week camp

An initial colourful option for the campaign image

Coffee Catwalk: Machas illuminates the creative talent for Lavazza’s LFW campaign

Machas’ Artist Network shone the spotlight on a sophisticated solution to Lavazza’s latest campaign in collaboration with London Fashion Week. Lavazza wanted a dynamic image of a powerful female figure to channel its premium quality across print, billboard and moving image. Looking to capture the full flavour of the Italian palette, the team presented the client with a selection of strong candidates. With a refined aesthetic in mind, Machas helped Lavazza scent out an artist with classic Italian tastes.

As a fashion illustrator, Jessica Durrant has worked with some of the most innovative brands and glossy magazines. When Machas suggested her to Lavazza, Jessica’s painterly pen and ink compositions carried the immediacy of a designer’s original sketch. ‘I first and foremost am very inspired by Italy- I have been three times, and each time I come home full of inspiration’ says Jessica. The Machas team were quick to spot the fluid translation of these cultural roots within Jessica’s work.  Lavazza’s timeless, full bodied aromas find their match in her elegant eye. ‘I love that Italian fashion is about simplicity and understanding and highlighting a woman’s curves.’
Jessica’s instinctual grace is coupled with exquisite design detail embodying the brand’s Italian philosophy.

So with the creative talent sourced, Machas collaborated with Jessica to express a sensual intensity usually reserved for the Italian catwalk. Taking inspiration from the glamorous looks of classic designers, Jessica created a sketch-like image of a compelling model adorned in a sophisticated gown that steams off into an undulating trail. Just as the dress billows to reveal its silken layers, Jessica’s art needed to be equally multifaceted. ‘I love mixing hard/soft edges. Things defined and things unfinished. It creates a striking contrast that really puts the viewer into the artwork’ declares Jessica. So she created an adaptable image of a confident woman commanding the viewer as she strides forward in a dramatic, flowing gown. This is a woman that knows her style and tastes.

The catwalk report? Coffee culture and fashionistas often go hand in hand yet Jessica’s composition is an eye-catching symbol of the Lavazza love for elegant design. With the work translating across vertical print editions to a moving billboard centred right in the heart of London’s Leicester Square, Lavazza’s timeless elegance is declared in the finest detail. 


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