Because them, us: Jonathan Calugi for Seat UK & CALM

Because them, us: Jonathan Calugi for Seat UK & CALM

Because them, us: Jonathan Calugi for Seat UK & CALM

In an ocean of car adverts, only very few TV commercials truly stand-out. For their first UK brand campaign, Barcelona-based manufacturer Seat broke the mould of traditional car advertising by launching a thought-provoking campaign focused on connecting people.

With a distinctive style and a striking ability to depict values of love, support and connection, Jonathan Calugi was simply the perfect artist to power a campaign that, in the words of Andy McGregor Seat UK Head of Marketing, is ‘a celebration of progressive thinking.’

‘Because them, us,’ the campaign’s key message, is a rallying cry to positively connect with a younger and like-minded audience, and Jonathan contributed with a meaningful, striking illustration in line with Seat and CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)‘s mission to create a kinder, more connected society.

“The idea behind this artwork is that we are all connected and helping each other”, Jonathan explains.

The TV spot was shot in various locations including London by directors duo Jones+Tino, and conceived by Spanish DDB agency C14torce in collaboration with London-based Unfinished Animals. The film beautifully captures the progressive values of the brand and its audience, and Jonathan’s show-stopping artwork can be seen painted on a massive wall in the streets of Shoreditch, London’s creative hub.

See more of Jonathan’s work here.


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