Just go bigger: Becha for Nike Air Max 720

Just go bigger: Becha for Nike Air Max 720

The Nike Air Max 720 global push is in full swing, and Becha was asked to create an artwork to support the campaign with a limited edition shoe box. 

The new work reminds us of Becha’s own patterned designs and fluid shapes, only with a darker twist. Becha chose to add bold hints of blue, pink and purple to brighten up the strong black background.

With this recent collaboration, Becha reminds us once again that she is a versatile artist whose knowledge of Photoshop allows her to unlock different possibilities and take her creativity in any direction she wants.

The shoe box featuring Becha’s design was gifted to selected Nike ambassadors and revealed during a promotion night in Belgrade, Serbia,  at Tike!, one of the leading sneakers shop of the Balkans.

See more of Becha’s work here.


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