Illustration, Art Direction, Motion

Becha is an Illustrator and Art Director with a passion for collage. She started developing her style during her University studies, where she graduated in graphic design. After initially experimenting with traditional collage techniques, Becha gave space to her surrealist vision and gradually formed what we all recognise as her trademark visual approach.

Becha makes an impressive use of collage techniques in which apparent discordant elements are harmonized together by a skilful and seamless use of layering photography, drawings and hand drawn typefaces. The final results are vivid dream-like images loaded with layers of significance and witty undertones.

A charming young woman with an amazing go-getter attitude, Becha is always on the look out for expanding the boundaries of her art.

Although she is well known for lending her signature style to advertising campaigns, fashion illustrations and magazine editorials, Becha is an all around versatile artist who doesn’t shy away from stepping outside her comfort zone.

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Client List

  • ELLE
  • Emirates Airlines
  • ENI
  • Ellecta Interactive
  • Playboy
  • Yamaha
  • BodyGlove
  • Kontakt Magazine
  • Baby Marlen
  • MTV
  • Universal music
  • Schon Magazine
  • Computer Arts
  • Sushi ADC Magazine
  • Douglas & Gordon
  • Telenor
  • FAAR Magazine


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